Elementary Terms in Geometry

Introduction to elementary terms in geometry

              Elementary terms in Geometry are mainly taught at primary and secondarylevel and it covers some basic concepts of geometry. The first of elementary terms in geometry your child will learn that has a symbol attached to it. Elementary terms in geometry as a math area that “deals with points, lines, planes, and figures” and how the measurements, lines, and spaces relate to one another.

List of Elementary Terms in Geometry:

            Elementary terms in Geometry can be useful in many fields of work, as well as everyday life. Elementary terms in Geometry consists of some basic concepts like points, lines, planes etc., which are explained in detail below.

  • AA postulate

  • Angle

  • Circles

  • Angle bisector theorem

  • Angular diameter

  • Annulus (mathematics)

  • Antiparallel (mathematics)

  • Apollonian circles

  • Bankoff circle

  • Bicentric polygon

  • Bicone

  • Birkhoff's axioms

  • Bisection

  • Bonnesen's inequality

  • Cathetus

  • Central angle

  • Centre (geometry)

  • Circumscribed sphere

  • Clock angle problem

  • Complementary angles

  • Concurrent lines

  • Concyclic points

  • Confocal

  • Conway polyhedron notation

  • Cross section (geometry)

  • Crossed ladders problem

  • Cuboids

  • Cylinder

  • Diameter

  • Euclidean geometry

  • Face (geometry)

  • Face diagonal

  • Golden angle

  • Golden rectangle

  • Great circle

  • Hinge theorem

  • Hyperbolic sector

  • Hypotenuse

  • Inscribed figure

  • Inscribed sphere

  • Kepler triangle

  • Line (geometry)

  • Line segment

  • Locus (mathematics)

  • Medial triangle

  • Median (geometry)

  • Midpoint

  • Mirror image

  • Multilateration

  • Origin

  • Parallel (geometry)

  • Parallel postulate

  • Perimeter

  • Perpendicular distance

  • Plane–sphere intersection

  • Point (geometry)

  • Pompeiu's theorem

  • Pons asinorum

  • Power center (geometry)

  • Radical axis

  • Reflection symmetry

  • Semicircle

  • Shape

  • Skew lines

  • Space diagonal

  • Sphere

  • Supplementary angles

  • Tarry point

  • Tarski's axioms

  • Transversal line

  • Triangulation

  • Trilateration

  • Vertical translation

  • Vertical angles

  • Weitzenböck's inequality

  • Intersecting line

  • Non-collinear points

Some Basic Elementary Terms in Geometry Definitions:


            We can think of the point as a "dot" on a piece of paper or the pinpoint on a board. In geometry usually identify these points with a number or letter. The points have no length, width, or height.


Line segment:

             A line segments aren’t extending forever, but has two distinct endpoints. We write the names of the line segments with endpoints A and Bas "line segment AB”.



             The points where the ray being is called as its endpoints. We write thename of ray with endpoints A and passing through a points B as "ray AB".



             In mathematics lines are a set of points that are extends forever in two directions. Then the names of lines are two different points A and Bas "line AB" are passing two different points