Geometry Terms for Quadrangle

Introduction for geometry terms for quadrangle:

       The geometry quadrangle is a polygon which has four sides with four angles as shown in below figure. Some of the geometry quadrangles are rectangle, trapezium, rhombus and parallelogram. We can see some of the geometry terms for these quadrangles in below with example figure. The geometry quadrangles are convex or it may be concave. The below examplesare some of the convex quadrangles as shown.

Geometry Quadrangle Terms:

The followings are some of the geometry terms of the quadrangle.

  • Rectangle:

            The rectangle is one of the geometry quadrangle which has four equal sides and opposite sides. The rectangle is a one of the type of a geometry parallelogram which the angles are in right angle. The figure PQRS can be represented as the sides of the rectangle. Where PQ, QR, RS and PR can be shows the sides of the geometry rectangle.         


  • Trapezium:

            The trapezium is one of the geometry quadrangle. The diagonal QS divides the trapezium PQRS into two triangles PQR and QRS. We can draw atrapezium PQRS with sides PQ and RS parallel and having the sides PQ, PS and RS. To draw a trapezium with the four sides are PQRS. We can drawa trapezium when the three sides and one angle are given.Pair of opposite sides are parallel in trapezium.The other two sides are non-parallel.

  • Rhombus:

            The rhombus is one of the geometry quadrangle. We can draw a rhombus ABCD with equal length of congruent sides as shown in the figure. The center point as O and the opposite sides are parallel. The diagonals AC and BD are perpendicular which can be shown in the figure. The opposite angles are congruent with equal sides and the two angles are supplementary. We can show the sides by mark an arrow in them.

  • Parallelogram:

             The parallelogram is one of the geometry quadrangle. We can draw a parallelogram ABCD with two pairs of parallel sides. It has the height (h) and base (b) as shown. The diagonals of the two triangles can be broke for find the area. It has a parallel lines with congruent in the opposite sides.

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Example Figures for Geometry Terms for Quadrangle:

The followings are some of the examples for geometry quadrangle.