kinds of Polygons in Geometry

In geometry, there are kinds of polygons which can be classified as the simplex or complex polygon, concave or convex polygon and regular or irregular polygon. There are many types in the regular polygons such as quadrilateral, pentagon, Hexagon, Heptagon, Octagon, Nonagon, Decagon etc. Now we are going to see about the kinds of polygons in geometry.

Kinds of Polygons in Geometry:

In geometry, there are numerous types of polygons and they are explained as below

Simple or Complex:

A simple and a complex polygon has one boundary only. simple polygons don’t cross each other  but the complex intersects by itself.

                                        Simple polygon                                                   Complex polygon


Concave or Convex:

A convex polygon has no internal angles and they will not be more than 180°. If the internal angles are more than 180° then it is called as concave.

                      Convex polygon                                                                Concave polygon


Regular and irregular polygon:

The regular polygon contains all the shapes and the angles are equal and in irregular it is not equal.

                     Regular polygon                                                          Irregular polygon



Other Kinds of Polygons in Geometry:

1. Equiangular polygon : In this polygon, all the corner angles in it are equal in its length and its measurements..

2. Cyclic polygon: In this polygon, all the corners of the polygon lie on a single circle plane.

3. Equilateral polygon: In this equilateral polygon, all the edges are having the same length.


 The other types of polygons are explained as follows,


The triangle is a 3 sided figure and the sum of the triangles will be 180 degrees.




The quadrilateral is a four sided figure and the sum of the angles will be 360 degrees



The pentagon is a five sided figure and all the sides are having different lengths in its measurement



Hexagon consists of six sides and it is a type of polygon



The heptagon is a type of polygon consists of seven sides and seven vertices.



The octagon is contains 8 sides are equal and the internal angles are 135 degrees



The nonagon contains 9 sides and the angles are equal



The decagon consists of ten sides and the angles are equal